Rattlesnake Ledge 10/19/14

Sunday was a gorgeous day up here in the wonderful land of the Pacific Northwest, and I was so excited to get outdoors once again and enjoy the weather and scenery.

I chose Rattlesnake Ledge for a few reasons 1) It was a short hike (4 miles with 1160 ft EG), 2) The view looked amazing in pictures I had seen, 3) I only had a few spare hours to actually do a hike (so loop back to #1).

I stopped by the Bothell Library to pick up a few audio books for a resident, and then made the drive down to the North Bend area.

Ha- funny thing, about 500 other people had the same idea as me... Of course. :)

And as much as I love having someone else around when I'm out hiking around...

I did not love sharing the trail with SO MANY PEOPLE.  Haha.

And don't get me wrong! I thought it was amazing that there were so many people out. I was so impressed to see families with kids of all ages working up a sweat to get to Rattlesnake Ledge. It just sucked having to move out of the way on the trail every other minute or so in order for groups of people to get past you. It took me an hour to get up to the top- it should have taken less.

Once I finally made it to the top though, the view was just... breathtaking. But again, lots of people up there. Once I finally found a place to sit, couples kept coming up to me asking if I would take their photo for them.

Sigh. Oh well. What can you do...

And back to the bottom...

All around the lake and in the lake were tree stumps.

Lots and lots of tree stumps.

There were also people fishing and people floating around in rafts and canoes. It was very peaceful.

This was a nice hike, but would have been nicer had it not been so crowded. That's the one thing I miss about working on the weekends: I'd have the rest of the week to go grocery shopping, go out in public places without dealing with crowds, and would not have to deal with morning traffic. Oh, that traffic in the morning is just the worst..........

Okay- I am trying to keep my eyes open as I write this. Freaking wide open, I'm sure they might pop out of their sockets if I don't give it a rest. I've been trying to keep myself up for a few hours now because I could have easily gone to bed at 6 PM. So...time to go to bed now.

By the way, words of encouragement:

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