Hobuck Beach

Our efforts to make it to Shi Shi beach before sunset were thwarted when we learned that there was a bit of a hike/lack of road to get to the beach (there was about a mile hike through the woods to get to Shi Shi- and in the dark, with camping equipment, that didn't sound like the best idea to me). We drove around for a bit trying to figure out what to do that night because our plans had kind of fallen apart. We decided to make camp (sounds so cool to say!! Sorry, I'm kind of a dork) at the first available spot: Hobuck beach.

Let's talk a bit about our campsite. The wind came at us like a freaking tornado the moment we stepped out of the car to the moment we got in the tent. We had a hard time setting the tent up because, well, we couldn't keep it from trying to fly away. After we got it staked into the ground, we went on a hunt for firewood to build a fire and warm up some canned food for dinner. Up until this point, we had no idea that we were literally 40 feet away from the beach. That's what being in the dark will do to you...

We found an opening in the woods and followed it out onto the beach. It was less windy there for some reason. We were greeted by this:

STARS. Thousands and thousands... no, millions... billions... of stars.  I had never seen a night sky like this before.

And the beach the next morning... It was cool to see more of the Pacific Ocean.

Let me explain the following few photos: They are just cool designs in the sand made by seaweed being pulled away by the ocean.

There were sand dollars everywhere. And lots of other shells, too...

Fire pit that we made from the night before. 

Once we packed everything up, we decided to continue on to Shi Shi Beach before heading down to the Hoh Rainforest. Driving through the Makah Reservation was an interesting experience. The roads are a little trickier to navigate and aren't always... um...real roads.

I thought this looked really cool. I think I need one.

One of the roads to Shi Shi Beach:

This went on for miles and miles, but much to our chagrin, ended with a closed off gate. We had to turn around and drive all the way back...

I was certain we were going to be attacked by a Squatch at some point during this Indiana-Jones-esque adventure down a pothole laden, at most points gravel-less road. Dang squatches. Dang potholes. We eventually made it down to the Hoh, but I'll save that story for the next post.

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