So, it has been a little cold lately...

Not complaining; I've actually been enjoying the cold weather these past couple of weeks. 

You know what I haven't been missing since I moved up here? 100 degree weather. Or 115 degree weather. I think living in Arizona for that short time scarred me for life.

The stars were so crisp and incredible looking the other night. My heart belongs to the great outdoors, I think. I'm happiest when I'm outside. I took this picture from the ferry port in Edmonds, Washington looking out into the Puget Sound at around 1 am. I'd really like to do some star trails photos at some point, but maybe I'll wait until it gets a *tiny* bit warmer outside first.

While walking the dogs today, I noticed that I was making an awful lot of crunching noises, yet I wasn't really walking on anything that was noticeably frozen (as in, not anything I would have sidestepped in order to avoid slipping on). The ground is frozen, though, and if you pull up pieces of it, it just looks really cool. Like the picture below. Looks kinda like rock crystals. Or mini stalagmites or stalactites (you choose- both are awesome).

And some grass and leaves and sticks (don't get too excited)...

If it weren't for the tacos that I had waiting for me inside, I would have stayed out all afternoon. I also needed to eat my feelings* after that Seahawks loss. Sigh. Good game. Amazing game, actually. I'm proud of them.

*I'm kidding. I don't eat my feelings. I just really wanted tacos.

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